Tulsa police hope surveillance video, community can help identify midtown Tulsa mail thief

TULSA - On March 12, security cameras were rolling on a home near 36th and Zunis, when a woman drove up in a white Ford truck and stole delivery packages from the front door.

A sign clearly warns the area is being video taped.

What makes this case so odd is that later the cameras captured this man returning the stolen items. The homeowner tells 2NEWS both packages were returned--untouched.

Tulsa police officer Leland Ashley says TPD investigated two similar cases in midtown Tulsa over the next two days.

A check was stolen from the outgoing mail at a Church near 21st and Darlington. Then a resident near 21st and Riverside had a package stolen before she could get home to pick it up.

"This sort of looks like a pattern," Ashley said. "We have three cases, three different consecutive days. So more than likely it's the same person. We can't draw that conclusion just yet. But midtown--same area. These are probably related."

Ashley wants residents to be alert. He also urges them to make sure their deliveries aren't left unattended.

"If you have a package you know is going to be delivered, you can track that online. Maybe have it delivered to a friend's house or a neighbors house who you know is going to be there," Ashley said. "Maybe go to the (delivery) location and pick those items up?"

Police hope someone will recognize the woman in the pictures or the white Ford F-150 she was seen driving and contact Crime Stoppers (http://bit.ly/TulsaCrimeStoppers).

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