Top candidates for Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Kathy Taylor, Bill Christiansen face off in debate

TULSA - As the mayoral election for the city of Tulsa draws closer, three candidates are squaring off to make their case to voters.

Current Mayor Dewey Bartlett, former Mayor Kathy Taylor and long time City Councilor Bill Christiansen are battling to lead the city for the next four years.

At a forum at OU-Tulsa, they tangled over the failed Vision2 vote, Chloramine in the water and economic development.

"We were able to use the KPMG study as a way to prioritize our city's needs. Make it more efficient," Bartlett said.

" I don't agree that means laying off 124 officers while asking for another $120,000 for the mayor's office," Taylor said.

"I took great pride in building relationships ... I am the alternative to businesses as usual in Tulsa. Both my opponents have each served four years and I think it's time for a fresh start," said Christiansen.

About 250 people showed up at the forum to hear the candidates speak. Jerry Branch and Lawrence Kirkpatrick are also running for mayor of Tulsa, however, they were not invited to participate in Wednesday's debate.

The mayoral election is June 11.

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