Damage, flooding reported after severe weather in Oklahoma Wednesday night, Thursday morning

TULSA - Severe weather swept through Green County Wednesday night into Thursday morning, leaving power outages and storm damage in its wake.

Damage reports are still coming in -- among them a home in Broken Arrow that had its roof ripped off.  The family of five inside was uninjured.

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In Mayes County, Spavinaw Public Schools are closed for the rest of the week after several school buildings were damaged. Elsewhere in Spavinaw, assistant emergency manager Mike Dunham says there's a report of a trailer on top of a house.

Volunteers with the Eastern Oklahoma Red Cross are on site in Spavinaw and in Delaware County.

Delaware County emergency management officials tell 2NEWS several homes are destroyed and power lines down from a tornado. It happened around 1:30 a.m. about five to six miles southeast of Grove. Five to six homes were damaged in the Butler area. Two minor injuries were reported.

Kansas Public Schools in Delaware County are closed Thursday due to impassable roads. 

Just outside the town of Inola in Rogers County officials are reporting four miles of damage, including debris, downed trees and power lines and roofs blown off. No injuries have been reported.

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Rogers County deputies say a mobile home was destroyed but a home across the street was untouched. A metal shop was destroyed and sheet metal now litters the area. Resident Don Rogers says a tree fell on his house and his garage was blown to his neighbor's house.

Wagoner and Muskogee counties are experiencing significant flooding, according to officials.

Officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol have issued a reminder that flood-prone areas will indeed be flooded Thursday morning and motorists should take that into consideration.

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