Peggs fire chief resignation dividing Oklahoma small town; investigation could soon be under way

PEGGS, Okla. - In a small Oklahoma town just an hour outside of Tulsa, residents have found themselves divided over embezzlement allegations against their former volunteer fire chief. 

Roger Fine, who offered his letter of resignation Tuesday, isn't yet facing any charges -- only the accusations of Peggs' assistant fire chief.

In a January  town meeting, Brannon Holman broke the news to the community, saying he found several checks not used for department purchases, and even played a voicemail in which Fine stated his plans to resign.

A month later, community members again gathered to discuss Fine's resignation, and no less conflicted. 

"In my heart of hearts, I don't believe he's done anything wrong, like anything I could be proven wrong, but I don't believe it," said resident Patty Cole.

Cole says the conflict is affecting the entire community, tearing friendships apart in the process. 

"It's been sad," said resident Patty Cole. "I don't like strife, I really don't. I like everybody to get along."

Also in attendance Wednesday -- District Attorney Brian Kuester.

"I had received a number of calls with concerns from this community that nothing was going to be done with these allegations," he said.

Keuster says he has requested an investigation into the matter Feb. 7. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations says they haven't yet accepted the case.

Fine did not return calls made by 2NEWS.

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