'The Locator' finds Veronica's biological dad, Dusten Brown said he didn't want to talk.

Thursday, a man working with Matt and Melanie Capobianco located "Baby Veronica's" father, Dusten Brown, in Green Country.

But minutes later, Cherokee Nation's Attorney General Todd Hembree called his actions "inappropriate and dangerous."

His name is Troy Dunn and he calls himself "The Locator." Dunn said he's tired of everyone calling this "a fight for Veronica."

He says this isn't a fight. It's about bringing both sides together to figure out a solution.

Troy, who's reunited thousands of adopted and biological families the last 24 years, said right now he's in Tulsa on one mission.

"These two families haven't even talked to each other. How do you build a relationship with someone you've never met? You don't!" said Dunn.

Dunn said this all boils down to getting two families to talk without lawyers. He admitted he's staying with the Capobianocos, but says he's on no one's side.

"It's not a battle of whits between two attorneys who are using these families as tools. It's two families that should get together to build a relationship," Dunn said. "Until that happens, I stand here before you today. Settle in for a long, legal disgusting mess. That should have never have happened and should end today if we can get these families into a room."

Dunn tried to get the two sides together Thursday. He showed up on Cherokee land and sent a note up to the house asking to speak to Dusten Brown. A short time later Cherokee Marshals came down and said Dusten doesn't want to talk.

Immediately, Hembree sent out a press release. "Mr. Dunn's Internet presence reveals that he is a reality TV producer, a stand-up comedian and a "motivational speaker." He is neither a counselor nor mental health expert. His antics are inappropriate and dangerous," it read.

Dunn said he's not focused on the negative statements, but on Veronica.

"If we get this resolved this weekend she would grow up to never remember any of this. She will always look back and remember that she always had browns and the Capobiancos in her life. Unless we let this drag on any longer. That's when the damage will start getting bad."

Dunn isn't sure how long he and the Capobiancos will be in Tulsa.

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