The Groutinator put 2 the Test: Claims to easily clean dirty grout

TULSA - If you've ever tried to clean grout you know it can be a challenging task.  2NEWS Anchor Deana Silk puts the Groutinator 2 the Test.

"It's the white tile that is impossible to keep clean."

Tammy Young has a house full of tile and grout from the bathroom counter to the kitchen floor.  She usually uses a spray chemical and scrub brush to clean the grout, so when she heard about the Groutinator she was more than willing to try it out.

The product claims to clean grout instantly. The directions say to simply rub dirty, grimy grout with Groutinator and stains will vanish.

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Holding the Groutinator at a 45-degree angle like the directions said, Tammy started to clean her grout.  She immediately realized it was going to be a very time consuming job.

"It's a lot of scrubbing!"  

What Tammy also noticed was the blue residue left behind on her floor coming from the Groutinator.  

"Looks like may have more cleaning to do once you're done," said Tammy.

While Tammy continued to use the Groutinator across her kitchen floor, it was obvious where she had used it.

"It's kind of hit or miss maybe depending on what the stain is or how long it's been there."

Overall, the Groutinator did make the grout whiter in some areas but Tammy wasn't completely sold.

"Hoping it was going to answer all my prayers and clean the floor for me... I'm not real impressed."

She said the Groutinator would be more useful on smaller spaces.

The Groutinator retails for around $10.

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