Hundreds show up for "Biggest Loser" casting call

OKLAHOMA CITY - Hundreds of people from across the region gathered in Oklahoma City Saturday to see if they can earn a spot on NBC's "The Biggest Loser."

Today's casting call was just one of five that took place across the country.

With every person among the crowd, you find a different story.

Bobby Thompson stood anxiously in this line in Oklahoma City today.

He drove up from Muskogee last night, a distance of more than 150 miles, but that is no trek compared to the weight loss journey he has been on.

"So I can get another 120 off, then i think i'll be good," he said.

A year and a half ago, Thompson was 545 pounds. Doctors had to weigh him on the same scale farmers weigh their fruit on.

"When I found out how much I weighed, I shocked myself," he said. "My heart came up to my throat kind of thing. I probably didn't have much longer, I didn't have a future probably."

All that changed when bobby's doctor diagnosed him with Chrohn's disease.

He started taking testosterone, walking three miles a day and eliminating soft drinks. He lost 205 pounds, but now, he says he is stuck.

Oklahoman twins Dan and Don Evans can relate to where Thompson is.

"We started the exact same way you are," Dan Evans said. "Standing at a casting call."

The Evans brother's children believed they too were on the fast track towards death. They signed up for season 11 of the Biggest Loser and lost a combined 270 pounds on the show.

Today they were there to support others in their weight loss journeys.

Tulsan Juan Sizemore was farther back in the line.

He brought pictures to show how much weight he gained.

Sizemore works for Tulsa Public Schools and wants to inspire kids to be healthy too.

If I keep going down the path that I'm going, it's shortening my life span," he said. "In the end, it is for me.

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