Storm shelter installation is a growing business in Oklahoma for severe weather season

PERRY, Okla. - The threat of severe weather might have you thinking about installing a storm shelter, and you're not alone.  

In Perry, Edda Rupp had a storm shelter installed Wednesday at the home her daughter lives in.

Without it, she says her daughter's family could lose valuable time getting to a safe place.

"They would have to go clear down to the Lutheran school several blocks," said Rupp.

Rupp knows first hand how unpredictable Oklahoma weather can be.

"On Memorial Day here about two or three years ago, we had a tornado just right south of where we live and we were all down in the cellar, I know you can get pretty scared," said Rupp.

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Richard Crow, the president of Ground Zero Storm Shelters say if people plan ahead and call before the height of severe weather season, they should be able to get one before it's over.

"Busy season is just getting upon us now, as a matter of fact with storms today, the phones should start ringing," said Crow.

Crow says there's about a four week wait now on most of his available shelters, but the more weather we get, the busier his company gets.

"Last year one of our biggest complaints is we're having a hard time calling people back and the fact is we were returning hundreds of phone calls every day," said Crow.

"Last year there were points in times when we were three to six months out," he said.

Since the Joplin tornado, crow says the industry continues to grow.

"Typically you get all the new competition a year or two after a big tornado and they come and go, they're here for a couple of years and then they fizzle out," said Crow.
Crow says there are plenty of options, but most will continue to book up as the season goes on.

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