State Senate approves changes to Oklahoma's controversial A-F grading system

TULSA - The Oklahoma Senate approved a bill on Tuesday to change the state's controversial A-F grading system.

House Bill 1658 addresses concerns raised by superintendents, educators and parents that went into effect last year.

The new changes would change the formula for calculating grades for public schools.

Under the bill, grades will be based on a scale using 90 to 100 for an A, instead of a grade point average. Additionally, the bill allow institutions to receive plus or minuses such as a A+ or B- depending on if the school over performs or under performs.

Tulsa Public schools officials say they welcome the news and think the new reform is a great start at changing the grading system.

"I think attempts are being made to listen and take suggestions into account. This is definitely progress," Tulsa school official Chris Payne said.

TPS parents say they're encouraged by the new proposed changes to the controversial grading system, but stop short at calling it good deal for the schools in Tulsa.

"When a grading system is created that seems to have holes in it every improvement helps. I'm not sure from what I read today that it's enough," Katherine Haskell said. 

The bill now returns to the House for consideration of Senate amendments.

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