State bill targets uninsured drivers

TULSA - Cheaper insurance premiums may be down the road for Oklahomans.

State leaders say a new piece of legislation could help.

Senate Bill 272 keeps uninsured drivers from being able to seek damages for pain and suffering.

"One in four cars on the roads today in Oklahoma are not insured," State Insurance Commissioner John Doak said.

Oklahomans currently pay some of the highest premiums in the nation.

Commissioner Doak said making this legislation law is a step in the right direction.

"Over time this should limit the pressure on some of the companies in Oklahoma that are doing business here, to enable those rates to come back down into more normal areas for Oklahomans," he said.

Uninsured motorists would still be compensated for medical bills, lost wages and damages to their vehicles.

The Senate passed the bill on Wednesday; the House now takes up the debate.

Similar legislation was vetoed back in 2009.

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