Spavinaw residents continue cleanup after twisters

SPAVINAW, Okla. - Residents continued clearing debris from their properties a day after an EF-1 twister ripped through town.

While the twister caused severe damage to at least 29 buildings, officials are unsure whether federal assistance will be made available.

"We got a long way to go before I think we see anything," said Mike Dunham, deputy director for Mayes County Emergency Management. "We have to reach certain numbers and we don't know if we're going to reach those numbers right now. So that's our first priority. We've got to do our preliminary assessments and find out how much damage we do have."

Many residents told 2News the sirens did not sound to warn them about the tornado.

Town mayor Jim Winn acknowledged problems sounding the tornado sirens. He said the power outage slowed the time it took to sound the siren.

Winn said the mayor of Pryor called him Friday and offered to donate an extra tornado siren. Winn said the Cherokee Nation also offered $1,000 which will be used for a back-up batter.

As for how the community is handling the event, Winn said residents were responding as he had hoped.

Several groups, including the American Red Cross, have been providing assistance to people impacted by the twister at the First United Methodist Church.

Red Cross volunteers are urging residents to visit the church on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The team would like to meet with residents regarding their storm-related needs.

Supplies, including batteries, rakes, shovels and gloves, will also be distributed at the church.

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