Small Business Saturday, equivalent of Black Friday, gives local retailors boost in sales

TULSA --  While many headed out to the big box and department stores Thursday and Friday, across the country shoppers are focusing on shopping local as a part of Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30.

Small Business Saturday is the equivalent of Black Friday for small business around the country. The day has been coined "Black Friday for people who care about local businesses."

The idea was launched by American Express in 2010 as way to garner support for and awareness of shopping local on Main streets and at "mom-and-pop shops."

Here in Tulsa, many small business owners say local support their shops year round.

"Tulsans have become very proactive about shopping small," said Amy Adkins of The Gadget Company in Tulsa. "I can't tell you the number of customers that come in here and say, "I want to keep my money here in Tulsa; I want to support business here in Tulsa," and that is so refreshing and wonderful to see."

William Franklin and Chris McDaniels own Decopolis in the Deco district in downtown Tulsa.

Decopolis opened up a little over a year ago, so this is the first time the owners had the chance to promote their store.

"It does really make you feel good that there are people here purposely supporting us as a small business," Franklin said.

The movement is gaining momentum and Tulsans say they are shopping on Saturday to support the mom and pop shops around town. 

Shopper Dayen Dooley and Mitchell Cookson say it's important to buy from local retail stores and small businesses to help pump money into the local economy.

"It's very important. We hate to see any of the shops close down. That's what we're hoping this prevents," Dooley said.

Shoppers spent an estimated $5 billion at local shops nationwide last year.

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