Sign spinner getting noticed for flare and work ethic

TULSA - Taking pride in your work and being yourself, two pretty good mottos to live by.

A young man in south Tulsa taking those words to heart.

At 101st and Memorial in south Tulsa, you can hear the typical sounds of traffic and an occasional honk.

Most of those honks, courtesy of Chandler Berrett.

You'll see Berrett most weekends putting on a show for drivers and hopefully reeling in customers.

He's a sign spinner for Mattress Firm, and he takes this job very seriously.

"I believe that you should put every ounce of energy you have into your job, whether that be flipping burgers or a CEO or something, so I'm just going out there doing everything I can to try and do the job as best I can," said Berrett.

The polite and reserved teen is not what you'd expect when you see his enthusiastic performance.

"I didn't enjoy it the first couple weeks and then I was just like, well, I don't care, I'm just going to try to make this fun for me and I don't care what other people think about me," said Berrett.

Chandler has been getting a lot of attention as more and more people recognize him.

Some of it's not so good.

"There's also people who don't like what I'm doing, cuss me out and flip me the bird," said Berrett.

For the most part it's positive, people asking for autographs, even tipping him.

"A group came in and I was an item on their scavenger hunt, they had to have a video of them dancing with me," said Berrett.

A man working for an HR firm wants to use him as an example of work ethic for his company.

"He approached me and said that he wanted to include me in a video for his employees," said Berrett.

Chandler's own boss says Chandler's work ethic is giving others a good impression of his business.

"It's our smallest store in terms of visibility, the smallest sign, it's very easy to miss as you drive by and yet it's the most known as a result of Chandler's displays," said Michael Yelich.

"We love him here, he has a job for as long as he wants it, I hope that he doesn't ever graduate college," he said.

Berrett is a freshman at the University of Tulsa. He's a drummer in his spare time.

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