School security panel to submit safety recommendations to lawmakers

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Commission on School Security submitted its policy recommendations to state lawmakers Tuesday.

The 22-member commission was created by Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

The panel, made of law enforcement, security experts and parents, spent six weeks studying safety measures at Oklahoma schools.

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Recommendations made by the commission Tuesday afternoon included the formation of the Oklahoma School Security Institute; establishing a Mental Health Aid Training Pilot Program; amending and changing state law to consolidate and require safety drills; requiring the reporting of firearms found on school property to law enforcement; and establishing a school security tip line. 

"Our hope is that these recommendations will set the standard, set the standard and serve as an Oklahoma model that states across the nation can and will follow," said Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, who heads the commission.

The measures will be introduced as four separate bills, according to Lamb. 


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