Sapulpa woman meets The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes and his crew hours before accident

SAPULPA, Okla. - A tornado hunt team is lucky to be alive after a violent twister seriously damaged their storm chaser car.

Hours before the accident, the crew involving The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes stopped in Sapulpa.

Owner Pam Hamilton of Scott's Tastee Burgers tells 2News Bettes and his team had lunch at her restaurant.

She tells us Bettes asked for good places to storm chase around the area before he took off.

"Super nice guys," Hamilton said.

Raw video footage show Bettes and his team rushing to get behind the twister. The tornado picked up the heavy SUV and threw it an estimated 200 yards.

"What we were trying to do was get away from it and to the South side of it and stay from it," Bettes said.

Hamilton says her heart dropped the moment she realized the car belonging to Mike Bettes and his crew had flipped when a tornado came his way. She says at that moment she didn't know what to think or if they were alive.

"I'd seen it that day and I just couldn't believe it...It's a nightmare, like its there and then its gone," Hamilton said.

Hamilton says she doesn't know how he and his crew survived the incident, but she's happy they're alive.

"I wanted to make sure that everybody was okay, but I know when they did say in the news that everyone was all right then I knew everything was okay," Hamilton said.

In an official statement, The Weather Channel tells 2News "Bettes and one crew member were treated and released from a local hospital with only minor injuries while the third passenger remains in the hospital."





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