Sand Springs to vote on $14.5 Million bond issue

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - Sand Springs voters will take to the polls on November 12 to decide on whether to approve a $14.5 million bond issue.

The three questions that will be on the ballot include:

  • Proposition 1 - Public Safety facility - $11,400,000
  • Proposition 2 - Building improvements - $735,000
  • Proposition 3 - Parks and Recreation AND RECREATION - $2,365,000

If the bond package is approved by voters, a 45,000 square-foot building will be built west of the downtown Sand Springs.

It will house police officers, fire operations and include a training facility. It will also include a jail and 911 center.

Proposition 2 will make improvements to Sand Springs City Hall, construction of a new parking lot and demolition of Fire Station 1.

According to Sand Springs City Manager Rocky Rogers, the current facilities are too small, outdated and lack storage.

"This will improve the efficiency of our departments. It will provide much more access to our departments and will provide training to both our fire and police," Rogers said.

Proposition 3 will make upgrades to parks in the area.

"The parks definitely need some upgrades. There's some parks in town that are almost in complete disrepair," Sand Springs resident Michele Nelson said.

If all three propositions pass, property taxes will rise for Sand Springs homeowners.

Residents will pay about $129 more a year for the projects.


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