Sand Springs police arrest two suspects after tip reveals methamphetamine possession, delivery

SAND SPRINGS - Two Sand Springs residents were arrested Thursday after police received a tip that drugs were being sold at the 200 block of N. Cleveland Ave.

Sand Springs police received a tip that "ice" or methamphetamine could be purchased through 24-year-old James Allen Hoppe of Sand Springs.

Police transported the informant to the Hoppe's residence for a controlled drug purchase. After about 20 minutes, the informant had yet to return from the purchase, and an officer checked on the residence.

The officer inquired where the informant was. Hoppe said he had purchase .5 gram of meth and left. Hoppe then showed the officer the marked bills that were given to him.

The officer was given consent to search the residence, and upon his search, the officer found in "plain view" two water bongs in the bathroom.

Hoppe was asked if there were any drugs on the premises and led the officer to a .20 gram bag of meth along with an open safe with other drug paraphernalia.

While recovering the drugs, the officer asked Hoppe where he obtained the drugs. Hoppe indicated it was brought to him by Janet Leota Smith, 48, who was arriving at the home at about that time.

Smith was questioned and indicated that she had brought the meth in order to pay taxes.

Upon further questioning, Hoppe indicated that he typically sells drugs about 15-20 times in the course of a month.

Hoppe was arrested on felony complaints of delivering controlled drugs, possession of received drug proceeds, maintaining a house where drugs are kept or sold and possession of controlled drug substances with intent, as well as misdemeanor complaints of possession of paraphernalia. His bond was set at $27,750.

Smith was arrested on felony complaints of delivering controlled drugs. Her bond was set at $7,500.

Mike Carter, Sand Springs Deputy Chief of Police, said officers are still looking for the missing informant.

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