Rogers Co. Sheriff in hot water with TPD officer

TULSA -- There's heat between the Tulsa Police Department and the Roger's County Sheriff's Office and it all started from a Facebook post.

It all began after a TPD officer posted on his personal Facebook page that a Roger's County deputy didn't stop to back him when he needed help. Days later Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton called the officer and used foul language. Now, both agencies are responding.

Two law enforcement agencies are battling over what happened May 24th.

"Our deputy was convicted on social media before he ever realized that there was an issue there," Sheriff Scott Walton said.

Walton says he became upset when a TPD officer reportedly posted on Facebook saying, "Thanks to the Rogers County deputy who drove past me while I had someone at gunpoint and didn't render any help."

"We have no radio communications with the Tulsa Police Department," Walton said.

Walton says one of his deputies was on his way home in east Tulsa, came upon road construction and noticed someone on the side of the road. But didn't feel he needed to stop.

"We don't know what's going on in Tulsa," He said. "I mean we could drive into anything at anytime."

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan released a statement: "I think his actions and comments were inappropriate for an elected official. I would never speak to one of my own employees in such a manner, much less someone else's."

"As far as the message I was trying to deliver, I wouldn't back up from it an inch," Sheriff Walton said. "I think it's a very cowardly way to handle any situation by way of social media post."

Chief Jordan said the officer is a Marine and he's shown bravery and dedication to his country and community and this is not the profile of a coward but exactly the opposite.

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