Wife of Tulsa man accused of housing explosives defends husband, claims he suffers from PTSD

TULSA - The wife of the man accused of building explosives inside his south Tulsa apartment is speaking out in her husband's defense.

Richard Carter, 41, was arrested on Wednesday night. He was booked into jail for manufacturing bombs and explosives and the possession of a firearm.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tell 2NEWS that they made a "significant recovery of explosive material," inside the apartment.

The arrest report indicates that investigators found a loaded rifle and grenades.

Carter's wife, who asked 2NEWS to withhold her name, says her husband is a veteran of the Gulf War.

She says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"He's a good father and he's a good husband," she said.

The woman says she did not know if Carter had explosives in the apartment that the couple share with their three children.

She was aware of two guns being there, but she says they were legally purchased.

The arrest report indicates that, in speaking with officers about the explosives, Carter "knew it was going to be used for illegal purpose."

Carter's wife says he never would have intentionally hurt someone.

"He's not going to go out and hurt people," she said. "I can honestly say that if he was going to do anything with anything he had, it was solely to protect us."

The woman says she will continue to stand by her husband's side throughout the legal process.

ATF agents expect federal charges to be filed next week.



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