WWII, Korean War military grave markers found in stolen vehicle, Tulsa police investigating

TULSA - Tulsa police have recovered military grave markers after making an arrest for a stolen vehicle, but for now authorities say they aren't expecting to charge the man for stealing the plaques. 

Brandon Powell was arrested March 14 after he was pulled over for a traffic stop near Pine and North Ute. Powell had outstanding warrants and the truck he was driving was reported stolen, said TPD officer Jillian Robertson.

The 1995 Dodge Dakota was reported stolen from a dealership near East Admiral and Memorial in February.

During the vehicle's inspection, bronze grave markers for three apparent WWII veterans and two Korean War veterans were found.

Police say because no one has reported the markers stolen, Powell may not face prosecution. 

Powell, booked into the Tulsa County Jail for possession of a stolen vehicle, has a bond of $9,000. He has been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Crews at Storey Wrecker found the military grave markers after towing the stolen truck.

Veteran employee Kyle Hilton says if they were stolen to sell as scrap metal, he's pretty upset.

"I was disgusted, I couldn't believe somebody would actually do that. Obviously they gave the sacrifice of serving their country, and then once they're deceased they're going to treat them like that?" he said. "It's disgusting."

Memorial Park Cemetery officials say at least one of the markers seems to match the name and dates on one of their head stones. They tell us it's still in the cemetery in good shape.  

2NEWS spoke with the wife of Lueverdis Taylor, whose name is listed on one of the markers. She confirmed Taylor served in the Korean War.

Officials say Taylor's grave is still in place at Memorial Park Cemetery.

Storey Wrecker is sending the grave markers to Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. next week. For now, where they came from remains a mystery.

"We're just hoping if someone sees it they know that there's someone out there that cares," Hilton said.

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