Police make arrests at Occupy Tulsa protest

TULSA - Details are unfolding in Tuesday night's arrests at the Occupy Tulsa movement.

Protesters claim the Tulsa Police Department used excessive and unnecessary force. Police Chief Chuck Jordan is now defending his office and reviewing how TPD handled the raid. Jordan says, so far, he's found nothing wrong.

"My officers did absolutely the right thing. They did what they are supposed to do. They were enforcing the laws enacted by our city council," said Jordan.

Jordan claims he was the one who pulled the plug on Occupy Tulsa. He consulted with city legal Monday about providing the occupiers another site. When the protesters objected to moving because they want electricity and WiFi, Jordan told them they would need to be off park grounds at 11 p.m.

Eli Silva has been camping out at 6th & Boston since Friday. He was one of 10 arrested Tuesday.

"We had locked arms and we just said officer we respectfully like to disagree with your request," said Silva.

Eli was also pepper sprayed. He showed his sweatshirt to 2NEWS.

"That's pepper. I'm wearing it as a badge of honor today," said Silva.

According to Jordan, officers raided the park around 1:30 Tuesday morning. Five protestors were sprayed and charged with resisting arrest.

"The question has come up 'Why did we use the OC spray?' This is not tear gas canisters that we lobbed in to a group of people. Only the people actively resisting and would not comply were exposed to OC."

Silva said the reason he didn't obey curfew was to practice his first amendment right. He says the constitution trumps city ordinances.

"We aren't radicals. All we want is accountability," said Silva.  "All we want is to exercise our freedom to assemble. That doesn't have business hours."

Occupiers say they will stay at the location again Wednesday night. However, they will move from the grass to a sidewalk, which is a safe zone.

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