Police investigate shooting death of man in midtown Tulsa near South Peoria and 49th Street

TULSA -- Tulsa police are looking for a suspect that shot and killed a midtown driver near South Peoria and 49th Street.

Around midnight Monday, police got a call about shots fired on the 4900 block of Norfolk.

Officers found the driver of a car, 28-year-old Tyler Gragg, shot dead.

The car had come to a stop when it hit a hydrant.

Officers began searching the block for the shell casing and a clue of the scene as well as any possible witnesses.

It's still early in the investigation, but at this time police say they have very little information to go on.

"Canvassing the area looking for crime scene, any other ...that helps steer this investigation. It's hard to know if there was an exchange of fire anywhere else," said Cpl Jason Muse of the Tulsa Police Department.

Police believe the victim was involved in a drug transaction, prior to his death.

"It is unknown if this transaction has anything to do with the murder, however shortly after the transaction the victim is ambushed in his vehicle close to where he sometime resides," said TPD Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker said.

Walker said the driver encountered two men nearby the residence, exchanged words and was shot by the suspects, who then fled the scene.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-2677.

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