Local group wants to build recreation center near recently scrutinized Fairmont Terrace Apartments

TULSA - In the aftermath of a south Tulsa tragedy, community leaders stress it's now or never to turn around the area near 61st and South Peoria Avenue.

Non-profit leaders are pushing to build a community center next to Fairmont Terrace -- the apartment complex where the quadruple murder happened.

READ: '4 found dead, shot inside Fairmont Terrace Apartments' (http://bit.ly/Fairmontdeaths)

The brains behind the $6 million community center are from the South Tulsa Community House. The house already has a center down the road that offers GED classes, rent and grocery assistance and counseling.

Leaders say they're at capacity but want to offer more -- like free health care and sports.

House director Kathy Ridgway points to the North Tulsa Dream Center as the model for the facility.

"We used to serve only a 150 people a month," she said. "Now we serve 400 a month."

If built, the recreation center would be roughly five miles away, too far for many in the area to walk to.

But the portion of land, Johnson Park near 61st and South Riverside Drive, is owned by the city. Tulsa officials say they currently have no plans to partner with the group for a community center.

They also say a private group is pushing for a lacrosse field to be built there instead.


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