Pasta Boat put to the test: Does it speed up the cooking process?

Will the Pasta Boat speed up the cooking process?

TULSA -- There are hundreds of products that claim to make certain tasks around the home easier.

The Pasta Boat is one of those products.

It claims to be the fast and easy way to cook pasta, Allison Owens volunteered to test the Pasta Boat to find out if it lives up to the claims.

"It's light weight and looks easy to fit in the microwave and store... can even serve out of it," Allison said as she took the Pasta Boat out of the box.  

Allison followed the directions and started by using the red handles to measure the spaghetti portions. Each red handle is a two portion size.

Allison then placed the spaghetti into the Pasta Boat and added the required amount according to the amount of pasta. 

She then put the Pasta Boat in the microwave, without the lid, and set the timer for suggested 18 to 20 minutes. Allison started with 18 minutes.

To see how the pasta boat compares, Allison cooked some spaghetti her usual way by boiling water on the stove. The spaghetti on the stove was ready one minute before the microwave timer went off.

The directions say to slide the strainer lid onto the Pasta Boat and drain the water. Once the water is drained you can add the spaghetti sauce directly to the Pasta Boat.  

"I really liked it. I like the aspect of being able to serve from it and I like the strainer on there so you don't have to dirty up another dish," said Allison.

The Pasta Boat claims to do much more than pasta, so Allison tried a couple of sweet potatoes. Using the provided steamer rack, Allison added the desired amount of water then placed two sweet potatoes into the Pasta Boat with the lid on and she set the microwave.

Twelve minutes later...

"Oh yeah all the way they are done.... it's definitely soft enough to smash."  

Overall, Allison was pleased with the Pasta Boat and gave the product an 'A'.

"Because of the purpose it advertises for; easy, quick, good for serving and good with straining. So I think it lived up to all those expectations," she said.

Allison said the Pasta Boat could be a good alternative for college students who only have access to a microwave or for families with young children who don't want to risk boiling water on the stove top.

The Pasta Boat retails for around $10.

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