Overweight Americans using social media as weight-loss tool, sharing stories of success

TULSA - With so many Americans dealing with obesity, what is now officially a disease according to the American Medical Association, some are fighting back with a new tool -- social media.

It's part of a daily routine for millions of people, who check it on their phones, computers and tablets.

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While many post pictures of vacations and big events, people like Crystal Moss are using social media to become better versions of themselves.

Moss has been on a weigh-loss journey since 2004, shedding a total of 85 pounds. She's now documenting it using social media and the accountability and encouragement keep her going.

Moss says it's an entire lifestyle adjustment, but she's done it without pills or gimmicks.

Moss posts before and after pictures on Instagram. Sometimes people she's never met before comment on her progress.

One comment: "Your transformation has me in awe. Today I start my own journey ... Just got truly inspired by your page."

"Those comments also motivate me to continue going on my path," said Moss.

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