OSBI asked to investigate teacher's conduct amid student sexual claims, Pawnee suspends coach

PAWNEE, Okla. - The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations is looking into allegations of sexual misconduct between a coach and a student at Pawnee High School.

Pawnee superintendent Ned Williams says the unnamed coach is serving a suspension of up to 10 days. Williams called the situation a personnel matter, and would not comment further.

An attorney for the Pawnee Schools, Karen Long, tells 2News the 10-day suspension will end on Friday. It will then be up to the district to make a decision about the coach's future employment. Long says it should happen during a special school board meeting on Monday or Tuesday next week.

OSBI officials confirmed Thursday an inquiry request from the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office into a Pawnee employee's relationship with a student had been made late last month.

OSBI could not comment as to whether the incidents were linked.

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