Organizers call The Center of the Universe Festival 'huge success'

TULSA - For the second night in a row, thousands showed up at the Center Of the Universe Music Festival in Downtown Tulsa.

Organizers say close to 50,000 people attended the event on Friday alone. They say they're expecting the same turnout Saturday night.

"We've been so pleased with response from the community," Center of Universe Music Festival spokesperson Jesse Boudiette said.

Boudiette says they're looking for the festival to be bigger and better next year and tell 2News this year has been a huge success.

"We've got a long term vision with this. You know we went very big this year with 70 bands, 2 outdoor stages, 14 inside venues, but we got a bigger long term plan for making this bigger in the future," Boudiette said.

Festival goers in town say they've never seen anything like it and are planning to attend the musical festival again next year.

"I didn't think they were going to be able to pull it off...I don't know if they can do bigger and better," Festival goer Rusty Chronister said.

"I get so emotionally overwhelmed at things like this," Festival goer Hannah Wright said.

Although spectators say the festival is a huge success, they would like to see some changes. 

"Maybe free water especially during this time of year," Chronister said.

The Center of the Universe festival is featuring 70 bands over a two day period. Some bands are local and some are from across the country.



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