'Operation Aware', EMSA kick off anti-drug campaign with 6th graders at Kipp Tulsa Academy

TULSA - Sixth grade students in north Tulsa are learning about the negative effects drugs and alcohol can have on their bodies.

A new education campaign funded by the United Way kicked off at Kipp Tulsa Academy Monday.

Members of the non-profit group "Operation Aware" say it's never too early to start talking to kids about drugs and alcohol.

"Operation Aware" has been active in and around the Tulsa community for 34 years.

With help from EMSA, "Operation Aware" talked to students at Kipp Tulsa Academy about what they see when they're called to overdose calls or alcohol related emergencies.

Paramedics talked to students about the body's reaction to drugs like K2 and bath salts.

"Nobody in my family does drugs, and I hope I never do either," said Masir Muhammad.

The goal is to get children to think before they use marijuana, prescription drugs or other illegal narcotics.

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