Okmulgee City Council votes to allow guns in city limits, Oklahoma's new open carry law cited

OKMULGEE, Okla. - Okmulgee city councilors voted to update its weapon ordinance Tuesday, ending its ban on firearms within city limits.

The new ordinance still outlaws the possession of any "bowie knife, dirk, dagger, metal knuckler, or other dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument" in Okmulgee.

City attorney Michael Vanderburg cited Oklahoma's newly adopted open carry status as reason for the change.

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"Given the wording of the most recent state law, we are in a position where the city can continue to prohibit carrying a "metal knuckle" or dirk, but can no longer prohibit the carrying of a handgun - even in the absence of an SDA permit," Vandenburg said.

The existing ordinance made it illegal to carry a list of weapons, including pistols and revolvers.

The move comes at a time of surging gun sales across Oklahoma and the country.


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