Oklahomans react to 2nd inauguration of President Barack Obama

TULSA - As President Barack Obama laid out his vision after being sworn in to a second term, millions of Americans listened closely, including many in Green Country.

At Tally's Cafe in midtown Tulsa, Tammy McMahan's eyes were glued to the television set broadcasting the president's inauguration.

"I think that he tries very, very hard. I think he has, as president, some very good intentions," said McMahan, who did not vote for Obama. "The middle class people seem to really be suffering."

Two tables over, Kevin Lutherbeck feels the same way.

"The next four years, they've just got to be better," Lutherbeck said peering up at the TV screen.

Lutherbeck said while he believes the president contributed a lot to the nation's problems, including the debt, he says politicians of all stripes deserve blame.

"Quit bickering back and forth between one another. That's the only way we're going to solve our problems that we have," said Lutherbeck.

Sitting at a table in another room of the cafe, Judith Robledo agrees progress is slow, but says the president does deserve a lot of credit.

"I think considering the challenges we had to face, I think we're doing good," said Robledo. "We have to stay hopeful and have faith. that's very important."

Robledo says she also wants the president to focus on immigration reform during the second term.

"That's what we would really like to see," said Robledo.

Despite how they feel about particular  issues, everyone 2News spoke to said they were optimistic about the future.
"I believe that we're still going to be okay as a country, and that we'll just support this man and pray for him and pray that the next four years are a good four years for us," added McMahan.

For a full look at Inaugueration Day, including photos of the day's events, go to http://bit.ly/inauguration13.

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