Oklahoma woman aboard stranded Carnival cruise ship Triumph

Among the more than 3,100 cruise ship passengers stranded aboard a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico is an Oklahoma woman.

A fire in the engine room Sunday left the Carnival Triumph without power and drifting in the Gulf.

The Carnival cruise ship was about 150 miles off the coast of Mexico headed back to Galveston, Texas when the fire started.

No one was injured.

Danny Price's wife is on the ship with two other family members.

"It's stressful," he said.  "I'm a little anxious.  I'd like to hear from her and know that she's alright and being taken care of."

There are reports that travelers are struggling with no air conditioning, limited food and only a few working toilets.

Two tug boats will pull the ship back to shore and should arrive Thursday.

Carnival has promised full refunds for each of the passengers.

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