Oklahoma soldiers march-on to remember Major David Gray

It's one of those sites you stop and take notice, dozens of Oklahoma's Air National Guard soldiers marching along the Arkansas River.

They started at Veteran's Park at 21st & Boulder and finished their 10 mile route at 71st & S. Riverside. The soldiers and other marchers are dedicating every step to one man.

Heather Gray says this is her brightest day in the last six months.  She's praying for her future and it's obvious support surrounds her.

"I met him when I was young," said Master Sgt. Wilburn, who has been friends with Heather Gray's husband, Major David Gray. "Whether you spend 10 minutes with him, 30 minutes, or a few day, you walk away impacted. He's the type of person you never forget," said Wilburn.

A man so unforgettable, Major Gray is on their minds Saturday afternoon in this march.

"Six months ago yesterday," said Wilburn, that's when a suicide bomber killed Gray in Afghanistan, "I was hoping to deploy with him again. We just didn't get that chance."

"Six months feels like an eternity. I have three small children and life is hard sometimes when they cry at night and want daddy," said Heather Gray.

As Heather leads the pack she brings along her husband's dog tags, his wedding ring,  and his uniform.

With every step, they know David's watching.

"If it ain't' raining, it ain't' training. We're like he's up there looking down and going 'oh, we got to make it cold, but we got to add a little rain'," Wilburn said.

"Something amazing is going to come out of this tragedy. It just has to because my husband was a beautiful light himself and if I can just reflect any of that," said Gray.

Participants paid $35. That money supports the families of fallen airmen.

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