Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine, R-Tulsa, speaks out on potential U.S.-led strike in Syria

TULSA - Oklahoma members of Congress are talking about a potential U.S. strike on Syria. 

This comes two days after President Barack Obama announced he'll seek authorization from Congress before any type of military intervention.

Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine, R-Tulsa, says as of now he is against any U.S.-led strike on Syria.

"There is no good side to this...the whole thing has been done incorrectly. The president should have now for years been making the case for any action in Syria," he said.

He says the president has not come up with any objective for a military strike nor has he defined what national security interest the United States has in Syria.

Bridenstine says he's pleased that President Obama is asking Congress for authorization, but he believes the administration's course of action has been wrong from the beginning. He says he thinks the president is looking for a way out because he drew a red line too early.

"It doesn't appear that he has any desire, really any appetite to change the course of war. He just wants to launch some cruise missiles because he drew a red line in the sand," Bridenstine said.

Bridenstine says he's willing to let Obama make his case before any real decision is made on a potential strike on Syria. He tells 2NEWS he's looking forward to a debate on the issue.

2NEWS also reached out to Congressman Markwayne Mullin, but he was not available for comment.

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