Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon organizers beef up security in light of Boston events

OKLAHOMA CITY - Since the events at the Boston Marathon, law enforcement teams in Oklahoma have been revising the security plans for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Plans call for an extensive law enforcement effort.

There will be city, county, state and federal law enforcement present the day of the race.

Organizers are also advising attendees leave their backpacks and duffel bags at home. There is also the possibility that some people may be searched.

The new saying organizers are promoting is "See it. Say it."  In other words if someone sees something suspicious or out of the ordinary, they are are to tell someone about it.

2News Anchor Russ McCaskey talked with the director of security for the Oklahoma City Memorial to find out more about how this year will be different.

For coverage of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon go to www.kjrh.com/okcmarathon. We will live stream our broadcast from the race Sunday beginning at 7 a.m.

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