OKC Mayor Mick Cornett spends day in Tulsa, preaches city success

TULSA - The man in charge of the state's largest city stopped in Tulsa Wednesday afternoon.

Mayor Mick Cornett says right now, Oklahoma City is booming, even calling the period of growth a "golden age." He also thinks Tulsa is perfectly capable of the same.

Cornett says he and Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett frequently work together.

Mayor Bartlett said Wednesday he believes Tulsa is keeping up with OKC's progress, especially with the resurgence of downtown Tulsa.

"I think we've seen what can happen certainly when downtown is revitalized. People move in, people live downtown," Bartlett said. "We're seeing that now in Tulsa in a very big way."

Bartlett admits the Thunder helped put Oklahoma City's downtown on the map, with sales tax dollars flooding in on the heels of the new team.

But he said Tulsa has something even more valuable.  

"We have a full blown river that they didn't have," he said.

Right now these two are working together to attract companies to Oklahoma for our energy and aviation.

"You look at Tulsa's economy, it's probably outperforming 90 percent of the country," said Cornett. "If you want to argue it hasn't kept up with Oklahoma City, OK, but few have."

Cornett is now in his ninth year as mayor. Bartlett, who is preparing for a mayoral election against former Mayor Kathy Taylor and former City Councilor Bill Christiansen, says that consistency is key to keeping a city on track.

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