No injuries in destructive Grove tornado

Homes, buildings and trees were damaged and destroyed in Grove Thursday morning, the location of one at least two tornadoes to tear through Oklahoma overnight, but emergency responders say no one was seriously injured.

"They're all still alive and well and it could have been a lot worse," said resident Denise Boyd.

Her relief is a common feeling for the rural area south of Grove, where several homes felt the storm's destructive nature.

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Boyd's aunt and uncle live in the path of the storm.

"They've got some damage on the roof, on the windows, the front porch," she said.

Thursday, her family from near and far arrived in town to pitch in, even bringing the family business -- a tree service.

"They came from Arkansas, they left at 1 in the morning," Boyd said.

She says neighbors, friends and family all started arriving at daylight to clean up the aunt and uncle's property.  

"Yesterday was such a nice day and we were all out looking at the trees. They'd all bloomed and everything and now we are all taking them down," Boyd said. "It's just one of those things, but everybody is alive and we are all thankful for that."

Delaware County emergency management responder Terry Bellah says another tornado touched down in the same area almost two years ago.

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