New Year's Eve liquor enforcement starts at bars

TULSA - New Year's Eve revelers kept more than bartenders busy  Monday night, as local law enforcement increased their manpower at Tulsa bars.

The ABLE Commission partnered with Tulsa Police to step up bar checks downtown and on Brookside.
They focused on the root of the problem-- too much drinking-- that can lead to drunk driving.
Uniformed and undercover officers checked to make sure bartenders weren't over-serving patrons or serving minors.

"The plain clothes see a lot more than when you walk in in uniform and you spend five minutes and come back out. So the plainclothes really serves a purpose, but we like the uniform too because we want people to know that we're in there," said ABLE Commission agent Erik Smoot.

In Oklahoma, it's a felony to serve alcohol to a minor, and to serve someone who is already intoxicated.

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