Nearly year after Lewis and I-44 closure, progress visible as construction continues on new bridge

TULSA - It's been nearly a year since ODOT closed Lewis over I-44, the final step in the expansion project that's been underway for the past five years.

Tulsans have waited years now to see the completion of the I-44 project.

In the last five years, the landscape has changed as buildings were bulldozed, roads closed and reopened and traffic shifted.

Crews are now working on a new bridge at Lewis over I-44 and the new roadway below.  The old bridge is closed while construction is ongoing.

The project is slated for completion in fall 2014.

The closure has taken a toll on businesses with the lack of traffic in the area.

At Park Hill Liquor Warehouse, employees say they've seen fewer customers who pass by but their loyal customers keep them in business.

The shopping center in which Park Hill operates has many empty storefronts and it's likely there won't be any new tenants until the project is complete.

ODOT officials say traffic will shift again soon as vehicles are diverted to the new roadway.  They expect the shift could occur in the next few days.

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