Talks of The Swon Brothers chances of The Voice season finale swirl in hometown of Muskogee

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - The Swon Brothers aren't the only Oklahomans holding their breath as they await their Voice fate.

The country duo's image filled the front page of the Muskogee Phoenix Tuesday, while discussions of the night's upcoming season finale results could be heard all around town.

Up and down the streets of Muskogee, sign after sign in front of businesses displayed support for the hometown favorites.

'How about them Swon Brothers,' read one sign.

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At Salon Envy the hairdressers have known the boys for a long time.

"I remember them playing outside the mall at Dillard's just to get their name out," one stylist said. "They would play right out there by the corner by Dillard's."

The Swon Brothers probably won't be playing outside Dillard's anytime soon, but they keep the girls at the salon talking and remembering. 

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"I saw them when they were younger going to New Hope Church. They started in a band there," said Alyssa Suzuki, another Envy hairdresser.

Folks at the Speedway Grille seemed to have the same conversation.

"Seriously the first thing we all talk about when we come in to work," Lu Murphy said. "Who watched last night, who is going to win, what's going on?"

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But it begs the question, 'what will Murphy and the other waitresses at the Speedway Grille talk about after The Voice is done?'

"I don't know...each other I guess," Murphy said while laughing.

Back at the salon, the hairdressers predict the Swon Brothers will soon be The Voice winners, or 'Swinners' as they like to call them. Regardless of the results, they already have left their mark on Muskogee.

"They're still going to be big," Suzuki said. "People are going to know their names and they're going to go down in history."

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