Facts about the $47 million Muskogee Public Schools bond proposal: How is the money being spent?

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Muskogee Public Schools is asking for $47.44 million.  Voters will decide whether to approve the bond Tuesday when they take to the polls.

According to Muskogee Public Schools, voters will see no increase in taxes.

Below is a breakdown of how the money would be spent:


ARJH Math/Science Center

The facility will house modern math and science classrooms and computer labs designed for project-based learning. 

In this facility, students will learn about sustainable energy sources such as geothermal and solar power, which have been incorporated as hands-on teaching tools in the design of the building. 

The center will free up additional classroom space in the main building.  It is designated to complement and not compete with the original architecture of the school.


Academic improvements to Muskogee High School include renovation of the current shop facilities to accommodate a fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) and biomedical sciences classroom. The Fab Lab will allow students to explore design and innovation using CAD programs.

The biomedical sciences class is an expansion of the existing Project Lead the Way engineering and STEM program, which provide students a foundation for advancement into post-secondary studies in medicine and health-related fields.

Sadler Arts Academy will receive a renovation to its gymnasium to accommodate a new library and dance studio. 

Improvements to BFSA include restructuring of the exterior wall, which has shifted due to settling of the building.  At RAA a building to house the Rougher Regimented School will be added to the campus.

Additional items

- Upgrade of technology infrastructure
- 1:1 student laptops for grades 7 through 12
- Purchase of CNG buses
- Maintenance at all buildings, including roof replacement, new carpeting and heat and air

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