Tulsa, Oklahoma City in top 5 redneck cities in the country behind Atlanta, Kansas City

TULSA - From the same people who called Tulsa one of the least fashionable cities in the country comes a new list, bringing more unflattering news for those of us who call Oklahoma home., a real estate blog, released a "study" Thursday that ranks both Tulsa and Oklahoma City in the top five most redneck cities in the country.

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The site says redneck cities are filled with "gun-toting, cowboy boot-wearing, country bumpkins" who make Walmart trips at 1 a.m. and view NASCAR as a religion.

But not in a negative way, of course.

In fact, the list's author is proud of his redneck roots, growing up in Austin, Texas.

The list was complied using a variety of factors, including the number of gun and ammo stores, country radio stations and Walmarts per capita.

The top five redneck cities (based on this completely unscientific study) are as follows:

1. Atlanta, Ga
2. Kansas City, Mo.
3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
4. Nashville, Tenn.
5. Tulsa, Okla.

Visit for the complete top 10 list of redneck cities.

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