Moore volunteers patch tires for residents' vehicles; team has worked together since Joplin

MOORE, Okla. - Hundreds of volunteers are spending their Saturday in Moore. Helpers are on every corner, doing everything from cutting down trees to cooking food.

One street corner sounded more like a NASCAR pit stop. 

"We don't have the pit wall like you do in NASCAR," said volunteer Phillip Bridges. "Usually you're on a pit wall and jump down. We just sit in our chairs over there and wait.

Meet crew members, Phil Bridges, Bobby Mitchell and Aaron Mitchell.

"We've got some Ford pickups coming in here," Aaron Mitchell said. "Those are fun."

As drivers pull in, they line up for this team to fix their flats.

"There was two tacks stuck in it – roofing tacks," Bobby Mitchell said. "I'm putting patches on them,"

They have been doing this for three days, and it's not their first time their back drop is metal scraps.

"We found as high as 10 at one time in Joplin," Bobby Mitchell said.

"Oh yeah, it looks just like Joplin," Aaron Mitchell said.  

Joplin. That's where this team met and fixed 700 tires in seven days.

Bobby Mitchell and 17-year-old Aaron Mitchell are father and son, who lived through the Joplin tornado.

Bridges came into the mix after wanting to help with Joplin's recovery.

He was looking for a place to stay when a local church led him to the Mitchells' home

"It does make up for some of the bad in the world," Bridges said.  

That bad in the world, Bridges says is what happened in a parking lot. Three people lost their lives at this former 7/11 gas station, including a four-month-old and his 29-year-old mother.

"I'm thinking I've life great compared to these," Bobby Mitchell said. "There are dead people and people that life has destroyed. They'll come back, but they've lost everything they've got."

While this is taking away from Bobby Mitchell's paycheck and Aaron's summer break, this team says it is more about making sure nothing deflates this road to recovery.

"It's a privilege to be on this team," Bridges said.

The team plans to continue their fix a flat program through Monday.

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