Moore residents sift through debris to find memories, possessions after tornado hits community

MOORE, Okla. - Searching for prized possessions can be a back-breaking process among the thousands of pounds of debris in Moore, but finding those possessions can offer new hope to both the families and volunteers searching for them.

Memories are often associated with objects and when they're found, they can change our outlook for just a moment.

Volunteers outside Charlotte Mullins' mother's home are taking a break for just a moment to say a prayer.
They've been digging and trying to help the Mullinses search for any of their possessions.

"More than words can say," Mullins said. "Very much appreciated. God bless each and every one of them."

One of them is Don Dawkins from Edmond.

"It looks terrible on TV," he said. "It looks unbelievable, but it's, it's even more unbelievable when you get here."

Through the stacking, throwing and sifting, Don and his crew found some of the Mullinses' old photos.

"It's like I do have memories," Mullins said. "I will have memories. They're not all gone."

And neither is a necklace found by these volunteers.
Mullins gave it to her mother on Mother's Day.
The discovery reshaped the day for Mullins and her husband Donald.

"It will be special when I get to go give it to her again and say, 'Happy Mother's Day,'" Charlotte Mullins said.

With some of her most prized possessions in hand, Charlotte Mullins hugs each of the volunteers and gives them a simple thank you and God bless.

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