Moore resident chooses not to rebuild home after EF4 tornado destroys house

MOORE, Okla. - Doyle Becknel says it was a blessing he wasn't at home during Monday's tornado.

"It's probably a good thing because I'm stubborn and I would have tried to ride it out," he said.

Becknel lived near down the street when the last devastating tornado hit.

 "We were on SW 19th Street pretty much and it's too much of a coincidence," he said "This alley right here is a magnet for tornadoes," he said.

For 9 years, Doyle has called Moore home, but after this, he says he will never receive mail here again.

"I have no plans of rebuilding here, I'll stay but I'm gonna get out of this line of fire or try to anyway, we're in Oklahoma so it could pop up anywhere," he said. 

Digging through the rubble Thursday, the sense of loss begins to hit him.

"I lost a lot of family pictures this time and sentimental stuff that I can never replace," he said.

But the most important things to Doyle were saved including his wife and his prized car.

"My muscle car was in here," he said pointing to his garage. "It's my baby and I was walking down and seen all the houses back there leveled and I came around the corner and it was all gone here and the car was still covered up. I started looking and I didn't lose everything. Still it's a disaster; it's still yet to soak in."

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