Moore business, Scribbles and Dribbles, gets fresh start at Tulsa's An Affair of the Heart

"Do you want a bag for that today?" Kelly Byrne asked a customer Saturday at Tulsa's An Affair of the Heart expo.
She owns Scribbles and Dribbles, a business that sells handmade essentials for babies and kids. 
This weekend, she has set up shop at Expo Square, but if this show was a month or two ago, she might have had to cancel. 
Byrne started her business in 2009 as a way to stay home with her own kids, while making handmade goods.
She was home with her own kids on May 20, when the Moore tornado touched down.
"So we went to a neighbor's shelter and went underground and when we came back up, half of our house wasn't standing," Byrne said. 
Her family was safe and accounted for, but her house was totaled. Underneath the rubble was what was left of her home business.
But like many that were impacted by that tornado, the time for rebuilding came quickly for Byrne and her family.
"We lost some things," Bynre said. "We lost our house, but we could either fall apart at that point or we could pick it up and move forward. I've got a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old and I didn't want them devastated, so we tried to start moving forward as fast as we could."
Moving forward for Byrne meant setting up shop at An Affair of the Heart this weekend. 
"For me it was really a show to see where I was," she said. 'I knew it wouldn't be my normal show, but it is a way to kind of shake me back in to real life and start getting ready for our fall shows."


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