Mike Harrell, man who saved church volunteers from pit bull attack, being honored as citizen hero

TULSA - Tulsa city leaders honored a hero Monday after police say he saved the lives of two people.

A pit bull attacked 78-year-old Irene Parker and 43-year-old Beverly Wright almost two weeks ago as they were going door-to-door for their church.

Mike Harrell, who was working nearby, heard their screams and rushed to their rescue.

"I was glad I was able to be at the right place at the right time and was able to help," said Harrell.

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Harrell, who has a concealed carry license, shot and killed the dog, a decision police say meant the difference between life and death for the injured women.

"There's absolutely no doubt in my mind, after 30-plus years of police experience, that he saved the lives of these two ladies," said Capt. Steve Odom.

Both Parker and Write are recovering from their injuries.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, City Councilor Jack Henderson and Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan recognized Harrell's efforts with a citizen appreciation award at at City Hall.

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