American Airlines, US Airways merger could be good news for local economy

TULSA - It's lunch time at Christy's Barbecue in north Tulsa. A steady stream of American Airlines employees are filling the restaurant.

Owner Tony Alkhouri and his staff have a lot to smile about today. He tells 2NEWS, "It's a happy day."

He says news of the merger has his customers celebrating the stability of their jobs.

"Most of my customers are from there", said Alkhouri. "It's good for my business."

Mayor Dewey Bartlett thinks effects of the merger go far beyond north Tulsa.

"If everything does work out as it's anticipated, there should be a greatly increased number of jobs available in Tulsa at some different points in the future in the next five years," Bartlett said.

"For the first time in several years, some 6,400 families maybe can sleep a little better and maybe for the first time can feel a little relaxed and secure," said Mike Neal, Tulsa Regional Chamber president.

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