Mayoral candidates face-off in north Tulsa Forum; Issues addressed included crime and education

TULSA - Tulsa's mayoral candidates are making their final pitch to voters days before the mayoral election is set to take place.

Mayoral candidates Dewey Bartlett and Kathy Taylor faced off in a forum in north Tulsa Saturday addressing issues affecting the city, specifically north Tulsa. 

The issues ranged from education to crime and economic development in north Tulsa.

North Tulsa voters say its time to give their community the same attention other parts of the city are receiving.

"I want growth in our community just as we see in south Tulsa and some of the other surrounding areas that are growing rapidly...what I'd like to see is less talk and more things happening," North Tulsa voter Maxine Horner said.

Voters are demanding a change in their community. They want the candidates to hold onto their promises to reduce crime and to bring economic opportunity to the area.

"We need someone with a vision and someone on the mayor's office that will market our area that what we need so much of...we need to quit being a tale of two cities. We need to be one Tulsa. That's key. That is so very important," North Tulsa voter Jane Malone said.

Tuesday's election is the first non-partisan mayoral election in the city's history.

Voters will also have the chance to choose the next city auditor. Three propositions will also be on the ballot.

Polls open at 7 A.M. on Tuesday, November 12.



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