Mayor candidates', Dewey Bartlett, Kathy Taylor, plans to keep, attract businesses and jobs to Tulsa

TULSA - If you had the chance to ask Dewey Bartlett or Kathy Taylor about their vision for Tulsa, what would you ask?

That was what we posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages on Oct. 9 and 11.

And we were flooded with a lot of questions.

The candidates agreed to answer five questions from our users and we gave them two minutes to answer each one.

James McPartland asked this on Facebook:

Do have any plan to keep businesses here (not going to Houston) or to attract more white collar jobs?

Dewey Bartlett referenced his career in the oil and gas industry and how he and his administration have not sat idly by waiting for businesses to come to Tulsa.

"We focus a lot on the relationships with other cities and the businesses in those particular cities. We're aggressively recruiting them especially in Dallas and Houston in the energy arena."

Kathy Taylor said in order to expand, retain and attract new jobs, there must be a comprehensive plan to entice businesses to come to Tulsa.

"They want to be able to attract executives here so they want to know that we have a safe city. A city that has good streets and a city that has a good arts and culture scene. A city that has good housing. We need a long term housing plan in this city to make sure that we have the housing for all parts of our workforce," said Taylor.

You can see the other answers to your questions by going to The candidates talk about decreasing crime, taking an oath of transparency, high-speed rail service and road construction.

Election day is Nov. 12.

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