Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett tackles job creation in State of City Address

TULSA - Mayor Dewey Bartlett took a message of renewed job creation to voters in his State of the City address Thursday. 

The mayor touched on a lot of topics, including the economy, construction and education.

In his speech, Mayor Bartlett expanded his vision for Tulsa. Bartlett says he wants a renewed strength in the business community and a new focus on economic growth.

"I want the city of Tulsa to be pretty positive about their future," Bartlett said.

He announced new ideas to grow sectors of the city, including a task force to study the creation of a training facility at the Tulsa International Airport. He says the new concept will bring together the private sector with training opportunities in the school system.

"It will accomplish a need. There's a big need now for a variety of people as employees in the aviation and aerospace industry," Bartlett said. 

READ THE MAYOR'S TRANSCRIPT (http://bit.ly/Bartlettspeech)

Mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor says his plan doesn't do enough to help the aviation community.

"I think it's a bit of an insult to say they've been working on a study group for two years and not have definitive plans," Taylor said.

In his message to voters Mayor Bartlett encouraged Tulsans to approve the capital improvements package that will focus on street improvements and public safety.

Taylor says the mayor missed a perfect opportunity to address other pressing issues that voters want to hear.

"I didn't hear him talk about what we're going to do to impact the rising crime rate in this city. I didn't hear him talk about the budget," Taylor said.

As the two fight for who will lead the city for the next four years, both look towards growth and prosperity. Voters will have the final say on will lead the city in the November election.

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